Lillian Cohen-Moore
29. 06. 2011

Man. I am so tired.


The new Broadsheet–after a year of no issues, staff changes, and the march of time–is now up at Broad Universe. I had the privilege of working with some great writers, a fantastic assistant editor, and a phenomenal artist on this issue. So I’m proud, and tired, and I feel like I just finished a marathon. But now’s the post-going-live cleanup, the new pot of coffee, and a lot of e-mail to tend to.

I can’t wait till we get to do it again.

20. 06. 2011

I’m willing to admit I took time out of my schedule to dye my hair back to eye-searing-red-fuchsia-maybe-it’s-pink.  Now that dyeing my hair is done, I’m sneaking a few more minutes from working on beating a number of deadlines to mention some Kickstarter and Peerbacker goodness that might not be on your radar.


First, in movies, we take a trip to Kickstarter. Exotic World and Burlesque Revival is a documentary from Jessica Halem. The documentary follows the story of former dancer Dixie Evans, as she uses her social security checks to transform “a goat farm in the middle of the Mojave Desert into the world’s only museum devoted to striptease.” Like Margaret Cho? She’s the narrator. Like Seattle star and Miss Exotic World 2011-2012 Indigo Blue? In the documentary.  21 Days,  238 Backers, $13, 849 pledged.  $11, 151 to go, till the documentary will see the cost to release the film met. I’m a stage manager for burlesque and a devoted fan to my friends who are going through the hard work and thrill of life as burlesque performers. This documentary is about their predecessors, their contemporaries, their teachers and their history.

In books, there’s the Peerbackers for Apex Book Company, who just landed a national distribution deal. Apex’s catalog is full of award nominated and award winning books, with great authors ranging from Gary Braunbeck, Nick Mamatas and Lavie Tidhar, to a number of other equally talented, creepy and eclectic people. Seriously, just go look at their bookstore. I’ll wait.

My boss, Jennifer Brozek, is an editor at Apex, which is part of why the Apex Peerbackers is near and dear to my heart. The Peerbackers funds will allow Apex, a small press that’s stuck to short print runs, to do a larger print run. If the Peerbacker succeeds, Apex gets to go to that dream oasis of the large print run, the national distribution deal becomes a thriving, tentacled entity, and Apex books will start popping up all over the place, like a less poisonous faerie circle of mushrooms after the rain.  22 Days, 25 Backers, $900.00 pledged. $4,100 to go, till Apex is kicking genre ass in a bookstore near you.



16. 06. 2011

In case you blinked and missed it, GalleyCat signal boosted the change in Editorial Freelancers Association rates today.  If you’re a freelance editor, or looking to hire one, it’s worth checking out the new rates.

07. 06. 2011

InkPunks was kind enough to take some of my quick tips for the author crowd on finding an editor as a guest contribution, which you can find here. You can find the InkPunks home on the web here, where the likes of Adam Israel, Andrew Penn Romine, Christie Yant, Erika Holt, Jaym Gates, John Remy, Morgan Dempsey, Sandra Wickham and Wendy Wagner sling their advice and some of their digital ink.

02. 06. 2011

It’s all in the title, isn’t it?

I can finally make it official (even Facebook official) that I’m the new Editor in Chief of the Broad Universe Broadsheet.


If you’re unfamiliar, Broad Universe is an international non-profit that encourages, supports and celebrates the work of  female authors and editors in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and every other spec-fic genre that’s ever roamed this earth.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some confetti to dance under.