Lillian Cohen-Moore
06. 10. 2011

Cat Rambo did a fantastic post for titled Suffragette Steampunk, which is a fantastic source of food for thought on widening the lens of both characters and subject matter in the Steampunk genre.

This summer, Elsa Sjunneson did an essay for Beyond Victoriana, the multicultural steampunk site, on eyepatches and visual impairment in the steampunk community.

And this Racialicious guest post by Jha on race in steampunk is just as important to  read now as it was in 2009.

There are some incredible essays, both more and less recent, on the subjects of disability, women, feminism, imperialism, race, mode of dress and politics in steampunk clothing, literature and community.  These are just a sampling, and I am sure an uncomfortable read for many. I also associate some of that discomfort when approaching things that make us uncomfortable to be a mark of honesty, in both the writing and the reader, not as a signal to tune out.


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