Lillian Cohen-Moore
21. 01. 2012

Reverb Gamers is a January long prompt bonanza run by Atlas Games. They’re giving daily prompts that revolve around RPGs and gaming. You can find them at and follow them on twitter @ReverbGamers.

REVERB GAMERS 2012, #21: What’s the best bribe you’ve ever given (or received as) a GM? What
did you get (give) for it?

I had a player once, named Bryan. Bryan gave me the best bribe to motivate me to be on my A game for my year as part of a LARP staff of storytellers. He handed me his character sheet, pointed at the Amnesia flaw, and said “Go wild.” Bryan gave me license to tell him who his character was before that leg of the story. I suppose it’s less a bribe and more an expression of trust, but being given that opportunity to tell that story felt too awesome to be anything but a bribe.

Failing that, I had a LARP player base that regularly spoiled the living shit out of me because doting on their weird, distracted storyteller tended to lead to shenanigans they felt paid off. Want a hectic night? Slip the ST sugar. Want a nice slow, introspective night? Lead her to the side and say “So, I had this idea…”

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